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These are only some of our product images, we have over 100+ products!

Our farm in Gingin raises the livestock we use in our Beef, Lamb and Goat products we employ ethical and humane standards in the husbandry of our animals. Most of the breeders that supply our needs deal with us exclusively. All our products are organic, free-range and hormone free. We can also supply speciality meat needs from recognised suppliers, wherever possible supporting W.A. Farmers.

Whatever your needs call Princi Butchers!

Wholesale Product List

Product ListSmall Goods
T-Bone SteakCacciatore
Rib Eye SteakHungarian Salami
Full TopsideSoppressa Salami
Topside (cap off)Casalingo Salami
Full RumpFelino Salami
Full BladeChilli Salami
Cube RollCalabrese Salami
Sirloin SteakCoppa
Porterhouse SteakLombo
Beef FilletsPancetta Flat
Rump SteakPancetta Rolled
GirelloSoppresate Salami
Diced BeefProsciutto San Michele
Beef MinceBresaola
Premium Beef MinceNduja Calabrese
Pork Legs (Boneless)Salt & Fat Reduced Ham
Pork FilletGourmet Ham
Pork MinceFull Leg Ham On the Bone
Pork ShoulderEzy Cut Ham
Diced PorkFestive/Picnic Ham
Collar buttsPrimavera Ham
Porchetta CookedHoney Cured Leg Ham
Pork & Veal MinceCanadian Ham
Pork ChopsMortadella (pepper/no pepper)
Pork RibsMortadella (Olives)
Pork BellyVeal & Mushroom Brawn
Pork LoinContinental Brawn
Lamb ShanksChorizo Sausage
Lamb LoinBacon (Premium)
Lamb FilletsBacon (Pizza Style)
Lamb ChopsBacon Slab (Amerian Style)
Lamb MinceBacon Shredded
Lamb LegsCooked Salami (Pizza Style)
Diced LambCooked Salami (Shredded)
Lamb RacksPepperoni
Lamb ForequartersPepperoni Sliced
Veal CutletsCacciatore Sliced
Veal Osso BucoBacon Hocks
Veal Loin
Veal Chops
Veal Topside
Rolled Veal Roat
Veal Rack
Veal Liver
Veal Crumbed Cutlets
Veal Scallopini
Baby Goat (Capretto)
Beef BBQ Sausages
Fresh Italian Sausages
Chicken Breast
Crumbed Chicken Cutlets
Chicken Thighs Boneless